Empowering & Upliftment Since 1976

Our central aim as defined in our constitution is to make a meaningful contribution towards social relief and empowering our communities through development and training.  Ziphakamise means “Lift Yourself Up” in the indigenous Zulu language. This vision is deeply entrenched in our way of approaching our work.  That is: to assist and empower individuals who in turn help to “Lift Up” their Communities.

Ziphakamise Social and Development Organisation, was founded in 1976, at a place called Nyandezulu and Murchison in the region now referred to as Hibiscus Coast Municipality, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  We started out as a casual response to child malnutrition in the area, providing soup and bread to these children.  Our organization is funded on an annual basis.

Ziphakamise is a Non-Profit Organisation, operating in the Ugu and Harry Gwala District Municipality areas, a developed coastal region extending into under-developed rural inland settlements. The Ugu District Municipality is a Presidential Node municipality, which means it falls under the areas, which were identified by the President as the poorest areas in South Africa.  The majority of the people in the district are African, most of whom live in the rural underdeveloped areas.  There are almost 70,000 people in the district who are living below the poverty datum line.  The unemployment rate in the distinct is pegged at over 60%, which is largely applicable to the people of the Umziwabantu and the Ezinqoleni local municipal areas. Dependency ration  means that each household is dependent on the income of persons from the pool of those who are employed.  There is high dependence on the segment of the population who receive old age pensions , child based welfare, disability grants and other small grants.


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With the help of our Sponsors, Friends and other Affiliates, we are an Organisation who makes an invaluable difference in the lives of the less fortunate. We effectively distribute resources to support training and development initiatives in vulnerable communities and to provide relief within our area of operation.

Development & Training

Social Services

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Children’s charter

Youth Empowerment, Masithintane, Capacity Building

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Social Relief, Emseni Child and Youth Care Centre, Outreach, Community Crechés, 

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All of the children we help have suffered
tremendously in their young lives. Many have survived abuse and neglect, some
have lived alone on the streets. They all know a life of extreme poverty.

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“All children are created
equal and are entitled to basic human rights and freedoms and all children
deserve respect and special care and protection as they develop and grow”

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