Our Vision, Mission and Main Objectives


By 2020 Ziphakamise will be a non-denominational, non-profit organisation working towards the holistic upliftment, empowerment and advancement of emerging communities through social welfare, development and training within Southern KwaZulu Natal.


Ziphakamise is a Christian based organisation operating in Southern KwaZulu-Natal (Ugu & Harry Gwala District Municipality) that contributes meaningfully towards upliftment by assisting and empowering communities through development and training.


1. To provide a safety net for the needy and the vulnerable, including children and youth; the unemployed; the aged and the infirm; and    
    persons in any other circumstances requiring such relief interventions as we may be in a position to offer.

2. To establish a development programme that will offer hard and soft skills training and empowerment courses with a view to promoting  
    self-reliance; improving chances for employment; and contributing to the growth and sustainable development of groups and

3. To provide support services to community-based structures and/or organisations in need of assistance e.g. with the management of
    government-funded programmes and development projects.

4. To establish a sound and broad funding base for the organisations operation.